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Please let Mayce Mansour know if you have any announcement you would like to share.

Tour De Bronx

Thanks to you the tour was a raging success. Thank you to all those who participated. 

Resident of the month

Your resident of the month for October is a TIE!!!!
Jon Rosenberg and Richard Silvera!!!

“ Jon is brilliant, thoughtful…. He worked tirelessly for his patients, tracking down information and consultants and scans. He clearly read about his patients, and applied this info to provide the best care possible. He was thorough and organized. He never complained, got all his work done in an efficient and pleasant manner, always seem to enjoy what he was doing.  He was a true team player, helping out without hesitation, teaching all members of the team. He was the consummate professional in many ways - work ethic, dress, manner, interactions with staff, peers and students.”

“Richard was often managing care for 9-11 patients by himself...and doing so with the utmost of conviction, dedication to patient care and a keen focus on addressing their social needs as well. He worked tirelessly and never complained about the workload he was carrying, instead, he pushed through and delivered exceptional care. I saw him manage the workload, teach his medical students, and work in a collaborative manner to ensure patients received excellent care.”

Grand Rounds

Medicine Grand Rounds 

Electronic Occurrence Reporting

Click here to report occurrences/"near-misses" related to patient-care, visitors, staff, or elopements.

Empiric Antibiotics

Check out our Montefiore PDF on Empiric Antibiotic Regimens recommended for our institutions.

Moses Conference Schedule

Ambulatory - Interns

Sick Call Protocol

For all hospital rotations, including ER, contact MOSES Chief Resident: 
Oct 1 to Oct 29th: Rebecca Braunstein

For CFCC/FCC clinics during ambulatory block, contact:
Mayce Mansour

For CHCC clinic, contact:
Jon Giftos

Weiler Conference Schedule

Ambulatory - Residents

Resident Wellness

Wellness Resources

Are you depressed? anxious? worried about a friend or colleague? The residency program cares about your well-being. You have access to confidential mental health services through:

  • Dr. Simon Rego, a psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry, available at 718-920-5024.
  • Dr. Bruce Schwartz , a psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry, at 718 920-4040. 
  • Dr. Loren Soeiro, a psychologist from the Department of Psychiatry who specializes in providing psychotherapy to house staff, at 718-920-6105.

You should know too that your Montefiore insurance offers comprehensive mental health services to you and your family members and that these services are also completely independent of the Internal Medicine Residency Program.  More information is available at

For more information about Resident Wellness in our program, visit: