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Resident of the Month

I am pleased to announce two winners for the March resident of the month award …. 

Ben Koo and Catherine Trimbur!


Below are some comments about Ben’s performance:


“Ben is a natural leader. He set the tone for the team early on in the month. He led with humor, honesty, and above all else he deeply cared about each and every one of our patients. Ben approached every challenge with a smile and a helping hand. “ 



Below are some comments about Catherine’s performance:


“Catherine has been has been an advocate for her patients since her very first day on the floors. “


“She is an exemplary resident who was an amazing advocate for her patients and interns. She is a tireless worker….a great doctor. She is a great role model. “



Congratulations to Ben and Catherine and a big thanks to all our conscientious and hard-working residents who take great care of our patients day after day.  We have an outstanding program because of their dedication and commitment to learning and to excellent patient care. 



Please remember our “Resident of the Month” initiative which honors Internal Medicine interns and residents who have displayed exemplary service to our patients, colleagues, and educational mission.   Anyone can nominate one of our house staff for “Resident of the Month” by emailing



Dr. C

Intern Olympics Spring 2015

Congratulations, Lissy Szalkiewicz for winning 

the Firm 3 Intern Olympics!

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Save the Dates!

Graduation: June 16th

Sick Call Protocol

For all hospital rotations, including ER: 
contact MOSES Chief Resident: 
Chris Velez: April/May
Josh Sabari: June

For CFCC/FCC clinics, contact Lucy Torres-Deas. 

For CHCC clinic, contact Mary Gover. 

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CONGRATS to Nate Favini on the arrival of his daughter, Maya!

CONGRATS to Teena Charalel on the arrival of her daughter, Ruth!

Our 2015-2016 Social Chairs are Lissy Szalkiewicz and Thalie Douge!

Please let Lucy Torres-Deas know if you have any announcement you would like to share!

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Empiric Antibiotics

Check out our Montefiore PDF on Empiric Antibiotic Regimens recommended for our institutions.