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Resident of the Month

I am pleased to announce the resident of the month award for February goes to…..The Weiler BLUE Team!
Congratulations to Drs. Nathalie Douge, Hina Khan, Christopher Langston, Angel Peng, and Norman Roth.

"The team members were a truly amazing group of people. They took care of very complex and ill patients. The team members were constantly helping each other and each one of them took their task very seriously and with a tremendous dedication to patient care. In addition, they had a genuine curiosity about what was happening to their patients and they tried to investigate the problem until all questions were answered (or most of them)."

Please remember our “Resident of the Month” initiative which honors Internal Medicine interns and residents who have displayed exemplary service to our patients, colleagues, and educational mission.   Anyone can nominate one of our house staff for “Resident of the Month” by emailing
Dr. C

Contest Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer Huang!!!!!  

She was one of the winners in the Culture of Safety Survey.  There was a total of 522 respondents!!  The results and feedback are very important and helpful to our mission.


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Ambulatory - Interns

Save the Dates!

Physical Diagnosis Rounds with Global Health Fellows 
Meet on NW5 at 11am on Thursdays the following dates:
February 26th

Sick Call Protocol

For all hospital rotations, including ER: 
contact MOSES Chief Resident: 
Kevin Hauck: Feb/March 
Chris Velez: April/May
Josh Sabari: June

For CFCC/FCC clinics, contact Lucy Torres-Deas. 

For CHCC clinic, contact Mary Gover. 

Weiler Conference Schedule

Ambulatory - Residents



CONGRATS to Nate Favini on the arrival of his daughter, Maya!

CONGRATS to Teena Charalel on the arrival of her daughter, Ruth!

Please let Lucy Torres-Deas know if you have any announcement you would like to share!

Electronic Occurrence Reporting

Click here to report occurrences/"near-misses" related to patient-care, visitors, staff, or elopements.

Empiric Antibiotics

Check out our Montefiore PDF on Empiric Antibiotic Regimens recommended for our institutions.