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Bone Marrow Transplant

Eligibility: Must have had prior rotation through general oncology (either elective or floor)

Goals & Objectives

I.      Understand the rationale for transplantation and indications for the different types of transplantations (autologous, allogenic, HLA matched/unmatched)
II.     Understand various conditioning regimens and their related toxicities
III.    Identify acute and long term problems related to bone marrow transplantation including infectious complications, graft vs host disease, graft failure, engraftment syndrome, GI, Pumonary,  Neurologic and Cardiovascular complications
IV.     Understand the role of antimicrobial and immunological prophylaxis in bone marrow transplants and their  side effects
V.      Provide follow up care in the clinic for patients who have had bone marrow transplants.

I.      The resident will accompany attending during daily rounds and attend out-patient BMT clinic sessions during the week.
II.     The resident will see patients individually and present her findings and plan of care to attending
III.    The attending will give ongoing feedback on resident’s stylistic approach and clinical reasoning skills
IV.     The resident will present at least one evidence based article demonstrating understanding of current areas of research in BMT
V.      The resident will be exposed to techniques for procedures done in out-patient BMT clinic such as bone marrow biopsy and lumbar punctures
VI. The resident will attend Leukemia and Lymphoma Conference on Mondays from 4-5pm

Contact: Dr. Olga Derman