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Hematology elective is offered to PGY 1 - 3's at Montefiore campus and Einstein campus as assigned by Hematology Department.

Continuity Clinic - Monday, Tuesday or Friday per New Innovations

Weekly Didactic and Clinic Schedule
Monday - 9:00 - 10: 00am Hematology Division Conference, Monte I
Tuesday - consults
Wednesday-  8:00 am case based conference in Monte I with Dr Friedman, 12:30pm Hematology Clinic at DTC 460, 3444 Kossuth Ave
Thursday - 8:30 am Hematology Clinic at CFCC
Friday - 8:30 am Hematology Grand Rounds, Central 405 Path Conference  room

Goals and Objectives
Recommended Articles:
Please ask your fellow for access to the heme/ onc google drive of articles.

Recommended Text References: 

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Hematology Morphology: American Society Of Hematology has an image bank at and Duke University also has an image bank at  Please avail yourself of these study guides.