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Nephrology elective is available for PGY 1 - PGY 3's at Montefiore and Weiler Hospitals as a 2 or 4 week elective.

While on elective there are daily attending teaching rounds for consults seen throughout the day, a weekly outpatient renal clinic and structured didactics for the residents / fellows. Resident continuity clinic is 1 full day per week.

Weiler Campus

On your first day please arrive at 9:00 am (8:45 am if Tuesday) and go to the second floor dialysis unit. From there page the consult fellow for further instructions.

*Renal clinic is Tuesday's 9:00 am at CFCC 

Moses Campus

On your first day please arrive at 9:00 am and page the renal consult fellow.

*Renal clinic is Wednesday's 1:00 pm at MAP, Building 3400 Bainbridge Ave

Weekly Didactic and Clinic Schedule

Monday - consults and attending rounds

Tuesday - Renal clinic in AM (Weiler Rotators) 

WednesdayRenal Clinic in PM (Moses Rotators)

Thursday -    4:00 pm Core Curriculum conference, details per fellow; 5:00 pm Renal Grand Rounds (alternate between Cham in Moses campus or Ulmann 623 at Einstein Campus)

Friday - 8:00 am Renal Journal Club at Moses; 12:00 pm Noon Conference in Ulmann Building room 623 (Weiler Rotators)

Continuity Clinic: Monday or Tuesday (Moses) or Tuesday or Wednesday (Weiler campus) per New Innovations schedules.

Goals and ObjectivesGoals and Objectives

Fellowship information:  Montefiore Nephrology Fellowship

** Renal Pathology elective can be arranged individually through contacting the pathology department Renal Pathology elective information

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