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Parasitology Elective

Process for arranging for participation in Parasitology elective at Jacobi:

1. Complete PLA form including goals and objectives. The form can be found here or can be obtained from Anna Manca and needs to be signed by Jacobi site director and Dr. Skae.

2. Complete the Jacobi Rotator Packet which can be found here or can be obtained from Victoria Hibbit, the administrator at Jacobi House Staff office ( Requires signature from Lourdes Rodriguez and Dr. Conigliaro.

3. Send rotator packet and the following materials to Victoria Hibbit:
Rotation letter from program director
Current health assessment

Citizenship documentation

Medical school diploma

4. Obtain access to Jacobi Quadramed EMR which needs to be coordinated by the hosting department at Jacobi. Will need to obtain an account and complete EMR training.