Change of Elective
Changing an elective must be done 6 weeks in advance and requires permission from both the adding and dropping elective coordinators. The list of elective contacts can be found here: Elective Contacts. Please print and fill out the paper Change of Elective Form AND e-mail the elective coordinators and cc: Justin Kaner.  Once you have received approvals from all the appropriate coordinators send one final email with the subject line "CHANGE OF ELECTIVE COMPLETE" in all caps to  

If you are looking for supervision for a procedure, please contact the Inpatient Medicine Chief at your site.

Please check out the Guide to Common Bedside Procedures here, for information on the indications, contraindications, and complications of common bedside procedures.  


What is Jeopardy?

      Almost every resident has 1 to 2 weeks of jeopardy per year. This is assigned during your elective time. You are placed on jeopardy with several other residents. While on jeopardy, if someone in the program calls out sick or is unable to come to work, you have the potential to be called in to cover their shift. On days when you are not called in you should report to your regularly scheduled elective like you normally would. 

What is expected of you?

If you are called in you are REQUIRED to be in the hospital and ready to perform your duties as a physician. You will be expected to be able to report within  hour. 

During your days off you are still assigned to Jeopardy. You may not have to report to the hospital for your elective duties but you need to be available and sober enough to report. Day or night. This means you need to keep your pager on and cell phone on (during the night as well) and with you. 

We will try to distribute all the calls for the month equally among all those on jeopardy for the month, however you must be available each and every day you are assigned to Jeopardy regardless of when you were called in last

It is your responsibility to check and see what days you are assigned to Jeopardy. For the residents you are assigned for an entire two week elective block. For the interns, you are assigned for 1 week of the two week block. Please check your DAY TO DAY schedule in New Innovations to find out which days of the two week block you are on. 

Faculty Mentors
Dr. Johanna Daily – Director of Residency Research, and first line go-to person for advice and help with fellowship and career decisions.

Department of Medicine Housestaff Mentors 2018-2019

Educational Stipend
Purpose: To provide educational resource allowance of up to a maximum of $500.00 to Montefiore Medical Center House Staff Officers each academic year for the following items:
1. Purchase of academic textbooks, journal subscriptions
2. Payment of professional society membership dues
3. Purchase of educational software
4. Purchase of personal digital assistant (PDA) capable devices (for example: PDA wireless telephones, PDA touch, PDA devices, I-Touch, I-Phone, I-Pad, e-readers, and lap tops
5. Payment for approved Board Review Courses
6. Medical Equipment – stethoscopes, digital cameras, loops
7. For ACLS, BLS, PALS, and ATLS
8. Educational Courses (Spanish, etc.)
9. Payment for Licensure Fees
10. Payment of USMLE”s and Boards.
ScopeAll House Staff on the Montefiore Medical Center payroll.
1. Each clinical department Chairperson/Program Director will administer the educational resource allowance policy.
2. No House Staff Officer will be reimbursed for expenses that exceed the maximum $500.00 per person per academic year.
3. Unused educational resource allowance cannot be carried over from academic year to academic year and cannot be transferred to another House Staff Officer.
4. Reimbursement for purchases/expenses will be made via check and mailed to the home address of House Staff Officer.
5. A House Staff Officer requesting reimbursement under the educational resource allowance policy must complete an “Employee Business Expense & Travel Reimbursement Form”, and attach original receipts for purchases/expenses.
6. The Chairperson/Program Director will approve and sign all reimbursement forms completed for purchases/expenses as first signature and forward them to the House Staff Office for review, tracking, and approval by the Associate Director of the House Staff Office as second signature.
7. Employee Business Expense & Travel Reimbursement Forms can be obtained from the department or House Staff Office.
Conference Policy effective January 1, 2014 
Conference stipends will be paid to residents if they are presenting their work and if they have followed the guidelines below. Residents may attend one conference per academic year for which they will receive reimbursement from the Residency Program. Residents may attend additional conferences either at their own cost, or with monies obtained from another division or on a grant. 
Before any travel arrangements are made: 
1) The Resident must e-mail Dr. Conigliaro requesting permission to attend the conference. A copy of the abstract must be attached. The name of the conference, location and dates of travel must be included. 
2) The Resident must receive approval from the Chief Resident for coverage purposes. 
The stipend is $500 plus $75 towards the cost of poster production. 
Upon return from the conference, the resident should obtain an expense report from their Firm Assistant. Original receipts are required. 
*Completed reimbursement form with all required receipts must be submitted no later than 3 months after the last day of the conference, otherwise reimbursement will be forfeited OR otherwise reimbursement will be based on available funds. 
Local conferences may be considered separately on a case-by-case basis. 
Research presented should be work that was performed during residency training at Montefiore. 
General Medicine conferences (SGIM, ACP) will be given preference over specialty-specific conferences; all efforts should be made to garner financial support from the sub-specialty division in which the specialty-specific research was performed.

Taxi Policy
Montefiore Medical Center has contracted with Corporate Transportation Group (CTG) to provide associate transportation. We are awaiting a voucher system to be set up with this new service. In the interim, house staff will be reimbursed taxi expenses for after hours and on weekends when the Einstein shuttle services are not operating. AECOM shuttle operates during the week from 6 am through 8 pm. The Waldo Avenue shuttle operates during the morning and evening hours during the week. Taxi reimbursement will be honored for transportation between Weiler/Montefiore/Wayne and Waldo housing or to the nearest bus or subway station for those residents not living in Monte housing. Taxi service is not reimbursable to transport residents to personal destinations (i.e. home). 
Keep in mind that the Montefiore motor vehicle policy states that the taxi cannot wait for more than 15 minutes and up to 4 passengers can ride in the taxi. 
When we receive information regarding the vouchers, we will update you (posted 2/12/14).

All residents are required to be BLS and ACLS certified. This must be renewed every 2 years.
BLS: Offered at both Moses and Weiler campuses. You may register for BLS by logging onto e learning, which is available on every Montefiore desktop. If you require assistance with registration or have a question, please contact the Learning Network at or call the operations group at 718-920-8787.  You can download and print registration forms from the intranet as well.
ACLS: Offered monthly for recertification. Check dates for primary ACLS. Fill out and submit form: ACLS Registration Form 2014 (can also be downloaded from below).

Montefiore Maternity leave policy
Residents receive 12 days of full paid sick leave yearly, which does not carry over year to year. Residents may use their sick time toward their maternity leave.
Maternity leave is 6 weeks (30 days) at 2/3 pay (if C-section then 8 weeks/40 days). Residents may take whatever sick time they have as their initial maternity leave at full pay, with the remainder of the 6 weeks (minus the days of sick time) paid at 2/3 salary. They may then add any vacation they have remaining to this, at full pay, or opt for FMLA leave, which is unpaid, for up to an additional 6 weeks.
Residents may not take their vacation first as part of their maternity leave, as this will affect their eligibility for disability (the maternity leave).
Residents will need to provide clearance from their private MD and OHS in order to return to work from maternity leave (or any disability leave).

Occupational Health / Needlestick
If you have a needle stick injury between 8am - 4pm report to Occupational Health at the respective site of the event. After hours or on holidays please report to emergency department.
Moses Campus: phone: 718-920-5406, 57 East Gunhill Road, Bronx, NY. 
Weiler Campus: phone 718 794-7048 

Jury Duty
If you are called for Jury Duty please notify your Firm Assistant ASAP. As a resident you are considered a student of internal medicine and therefore should be exempt from jury duty.

Resident Fatigue Mitigation Policy
    The internal medicine residency program leadership values resident well-being, education and patient safety and therefore deems it essential for residents and faculty members to understand and accept their role in the recognition of impairment caused by fatigue. Residents, their supervising attendings and firm leadership should recognize that under certain circumstances, the best interests of patients may be served by transition of patients’ care to another qualified provider who is well-rested.
    Montefiore’s fatigue mitigation policy is the following: Under conditions in which a resident is too fatigued to properly care for patients, determined by either themselves or a colleague, they should seek out their Chief Resident immediately. The Chief Resident will determine the best course of action which may include any combination of the following management strategies: (1) Excuse fatigued resident from patient care and arrange safe transportation home (while ensuring smooth transition of and continuity of patient care either through sick/jeopardy call or other coverage arrangement); (2) Arrange for strategic in-house napping prior to resumption of patient care; and/or (3) Alter subsequent call/coverage schedules.
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