Resident Wellness

Resident Wellness at Montefiore

We care about you and your health! Residency, and intern year in particular, can be a stressful time in our lives and we would like you to know that there are many resources available for you for your physical and mental health. The benefit plan for housestaff at Montefiore is summarized in the PDF attached at the bottom of this page. 

Mental Health 

Are you depressed? Anxious? Worried about someone else? The residency program leadership cares about your wellbeing, and are available to you. You can approach Dr. Shapiro, your firm leader, assistant firm leader, or chief resident at any time. 

Your Montefiore insurance offers access to confidential mental health services through the Department of Psychiatry, which are completely independent of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. There are no referral or prior authorization requirements, and you can contact them directly without going through OHS first. There is no expense for reaching out, and the MontePrime EPO plan has no copay for visits. The MonteCare PPO plan has a $15 copayment for visits. There are no treatment limits, and these services are fully confidential as the staff there do not use any records that are accessible by other hospital employees/providers. More information is available at Also see to review your benefits selections, or call Human Resources at 914-378-6530.


  • Dr. Simon Rego, a psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry, available at 718-920-5024.
  • Dr. Bruce Schwartz , a psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry, at 718 920-4040. 
  • Dr. Howard Forman, a psychiatrist from the Department of Psychiatry with extended hours, at 718-920-7735.
  • Dr. Loren Soeiro, a psychologist (outside Monte) who specializes in providing psychotherapy to house staff and takes Monte insurance, at 646-581-4151. 
  • For more services provided outside Montefiore, you can contact the Employee Assistance Program. To reach a counselor call 800.225.2527 or 800.252.4555 or go to
If you're worried about a colleague, please encourage them to come talk to the residency leadership to get help: Dr. Shapiro, the firm leader, assistant firm leader, or chief resident. You can also share any concerns you may have with the residency leadership so we can get them the help they may need. 

Confidential and anonymous hotlines:
  • Samaritans Crisis Response Hotline (suicide prevention, nonreligious), at 1-212-673-3000.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Hotline, at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline, at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
Physical Health

To find a primary care doctor for yourself, you can go to your Montefiore insurance website, and register. Once you've logged in, click on "Find a Doctor". You will be able to choose your plan and obtain a list of doctors in the geographic area you specify.  The benefit plan for housestaff at Montefiore is summarized in the PDF attached at the bottom of this page. 

Occupational Health Services (OHS) can assist you with free confidential medical services and provide referrals when appropriate. 

  • Dr. Michela Catalano, the director of Occupational Health Services (OHS), at 718-920-4272.
  • The Moses Campus OHS is located at 57 Gun Hill Road (across the street from the main hospital). You can call 718-920-5406 for an appointment. 
  • The Weiler Campus OHS is located at 1180 Morris Park Avenue. You can call them at 718-794-7048.
If you have a needlestick injury:
  • If it occurs between 8am and 4pm, report to OHS at Moses (718-920-5406) or Weiler (718-794-7048).
  • After hours or on holidays please report to the Emergency Department at either campus.
If you are concerned about your sleep:
  • Dr. Shelby Harris, Director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Sleep-Wake Disorders Center, at 718-920-4841.

Resident Fatigue Mitigation Policy 

The Internal Medicine Residency Program leadership values resident well-being, education and patient safety and therefore deems it essential for residents and faculty members to understand and accept their role in the recognition of impairment caused by fatigue. Residents, their supervising attendings, and firm leadership should recognize that under certain circumstances, the best interests of patients may be served by transition of patients’ care to another qualified provider who is well-rested. 

Montefiore’s fatigue mitigation policy is the following: Under conditions in which a resident is too fatigued to properly care for patients, determined by either themselves or a colleague, they should seek out their Chief Resident immediately. The Chief Resident will determine the best course of action which may include any combination of the following management strategies: (1) Excuse fatigued resident from patient care and arrange safe transportation home (while ensuring smooth transition of and continuity of patient care either through sick/jeopardy call or other coverage arrangement); (2) Arrange for strategic in-house napping prior to resumption of patient care; and/or (3) Alter subsequent call/coverage schedules. 

Emotional Support and Relaxation

• HealthCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – The EAP is a third-party agency hired to provide you with confidential resources to cope with mental health and behavioral issues, family problems, financial and legal services, and professional matters. Call anytime for free and confidential assistance. To reach a counselor call 800.225.2527 or 800.252.4555 or go to

• Supportive Wellness Counseling – Request free, confidential appointments with a licensed psychologist for stress management assessment, consultation, on unit support, build coping skills, and receive coaching for health behavior goals. Contact Dr. Brenda Boatswain at 

• Healing Arts – Healing Arts uses the arts, creative arts therapies, integrative medicine, and other healing approaches to enhance the quality of life, health and well-being of our associates, our patients and community. For more information, call 718.920.6576 or go to Some of the programs offered include:

  • Relaxation Hotline —Take a quick break to listen to one of four brief relaxation tracks at 718-920-CALM.
  • Healing Loss Workshop —A workshop retreat for Montefiore healthcare professionals to help you process loss you have experienced in both personal and professional contexts.
  • Stress Management Resources for Montefiore Associates —Learn about the Care Guidance Program, Weight Watchers at Work, Fitness Classes, Nutrition Counseling Benefit, Smoking Cessation Program, Caregiver Support Center, and more.

Healthy Living Resources

Care Guidance – This confidential, personal health management program provides support and resources to help you manage your health. It’s available to you and your family members – at no cost to you. Working as a team, your physician and Personal Health Nurse (PHN) will set health goals, create an action plan and identify ways to help you maintain healthy habits. Your PHN’s goal is to efficiently guide you through the different aspects of the healthcare system, making your care manageable and more successful. For more information, call 855.MMC.WELL (855.662.9355) or email

Empire SpecialOffers – Eligible members can enjoy special savings on fitness club memberships, wellness products, vision care services, weight management programs and services from participating alternative health providers. Members can access these discounts through

Nutrition Counseling – Take advantage of a free one-on-one, confidential nutrition consultation with a registered dietician to advise you how to eat well and manage your weight. For more information, call 855.775.1655 or email 

Weight Watchers at Work – Register through Montefiore’s program to receive a 50% upfront discount and an additional 25% reimbursement upon meeting attendance goals. Weekly meetings are held at Moses, Einstein, Wakefield, Yonkers and Fordham campuses. For more information, call 866.882.2226 or go to 

• Smoking Cessation Programs – Occupational Health Services offers a no-cost nicotine replacement therapy starter kit from Montefiore outpatient pharmacies. For more information call 914.378.6531 or email

 To Your Health!  The “To Your Health!” website offers great tools and information to help you improve your health. Check it regularly for upcoming wellness programs and events. For more information, contact the To Your Health! team at  Take the Health Risk assessment. It’s easy and completely confidential. Answer a few questions about your current health status and lifestyle. You’ll receive a report that establishes a baseline of your health, identifies any risk factors and compares your health profile to the average for your age.

Fitness Opportunities − Health Club Membership Discounts, the Bike to Work Program and 5Rythms movement classes are available to help associates become physically active. The following gyms offer discounts to Montefiore residents: 

Fun Times! 

 PerksCard – Discounts on products and services from nationally recognized merchants as well as participating local businesses. There are no fees to register and you pay nothing to use the card.  877.253.7100 Code: montefiore11

 Plum Benefits – Special offers on tickets for sporting events, theme parks, Broadway and more.  212.660.1888 Code: ac1025828. Click on the “become a member” link. Put in your contact details and in 2 minutes, you’re good to go!

Wellness/Self Care Time Program Policy

1.       Use

a.       The purpose of the Wellness/Self Care Time (WSC) is to allow time for the housestaff to schedule self-care/health maintenance activities. These may include scheduled medical, dental, vision, mental health visits, or it may include any activity that the resident considers to contribute to their physical and/or mental wellbeing.

b.      The time does not come from their allotted vacation or sick days each year; any sick calls will be handled according to the sick call policy.

2.       Scheduling

a.       4 half-day sessions will be scheduled for each resident (PGY 1, 2 & 3) for Wellness/Self Care Time during the course of each academic year. These will be included in the schedule at the onset of the year in New Innovations so that they can be anticipated in advance to facilitate healthcare appointment scheduling.

b.      The WSC time will be scheduled during various rotations, but notably not from elective rotations.

c.       Housestaff cannot be on sick call/jeopardy during their WSC time, and they cannot be expected to perform any clinical duties during those times.

d.      In order to change the scheduled time of the WSC time, the resident will be responsible for requesting a date/time change with the chief residents a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of the current WSC time or the newly requested WSC time, whichever occurs first. The resident must receive approval from the chief resident.

e.      WSC time does not carry over year to year if unused.

3.       Confidentiality

a.       Housestaff are NOT required to notify faculty or chief residents about what they are using the scheduled time for, even if requesting to change the date/time. 

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