Chief Resident Rounds

The purpose of the chief resident rounds (CR) is to provide an opportunity to teach each other about issues relevant to your own patients.  Throughout the course of the year, each intern will make 1-2 presentations (about 15-20 minutes) on any ambulatory medicine topic of her/his choosing, but should be focused on answering a specific question about one of your clinic patients.  Topics should be discussed with the chief resident at least THREE days before the presentation. 

The presentations should begin with a brief synopsis about the patient leading into the clinical question to be addressed and woven throughout with a 15-20 minute presentation on the topic, then a wrap-up applying what you learned towards your particular patient.  Time is short; clear focus is essential.  The topic can be researched in ambulatory medicine texts and/or the literature and should have prior approval from the Chief Resident.  


AMR is an opportunity for you to review patient care and management, to discuss issues related to your patients, and to learn from each other.  Patients selected for AMR do not need to be "complicated" or "zebra" cases--we have something to learn from all of our patients, so you can choose the last patient you saw in clinic.  The sheet has a question portion; please note, your specific question may not be addressed during this session.

The Clinical Encounter Forms (CEFs) are the basis for this conference.  You will complete one CEF for the AMR session, which is due 2 days before the AMR session.  Faculty member reviews the sheets and identifies issues to be discussed.