Family Care Center (FCC)

Medical Director:Gianni Carrozzi, MD

Useful phone numbers (Not for patients)

  • PAA

(T) 718 920 4923

(F) 718 653 5338

  • PAB

(T) 718 920 2575

(F) 718 652 4435

Precepting Room A/B: 718 920 4762

  • PAC

(T) 718 920 2573

(F) 718 653 5324

Precepting Room C: 718 920 2758

Contact for Patients in PAA, PAAB, or PAC:

(T) 718 920 2273

Clinic Updates (Updated 12/14/22)

  • We have a new Community Health Worker: Shannon Clarke. She'll be on-site 5 days a week. Office is located in the behavioral health suite on the 1st floor, extension: 6691.

  • Reminder that BHIP is unable to accommodate any court/parole/ACS mandated treatment for patients. In a situation like this, providers can feel free to reach out to Kira Batist directly so that she can provide you with a community resources.

  • We now only stock Pfizer brand of COVID vaccine. Starting 12/12 through mid January the vaccine will NOT be administered on Monday and Tuesdays due to nurse staffing/retraining issues. Hopefully, we can restart with daily COVID vaccine administration late January.

  • Outpatient Covid Management

Influenza Antiviral Supply

There is a supply shortage at this time for Oseltamivir, peramivir, baloxavir are both inpatient and outpatient. Please prioritize oseltamivir for the high-risk adult patients presenting within 48-72 hours of ILI symptoms, with a positive influenza test:

  • Pregnant females

  • Older adults, especially aged 65 and up

  • Diabetes

  • COPD/Emphysema/moderate asthma requiring daily control meds

  • CHF, CAD, other structural heart disease

  • Sickle cell anemia

  • Chronic renal or hepatic disease

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Immune compromise due to HIV, organ/bone marrow transplant, active malignancy, or immune suppressing medications

  • Seizure or neuromuscular disorders

  • Obesity

  • Individuals residing in nursing facility

  • Please remember to check off the return to clinic interval time and add in any additional instructions in the wrap up section at the end of your visit. This allows the front desk to easily view the return to clinic interval and schedule the patient in for follow up. Going forward, if there are no check out instructions for an encounter, the front desk will call and wait for you to enter the instructions before the patient can be checked out.

  • Montefiore Mount Vernon Wound Treatment and Hyperbaric Center has a wound care clinic with all new equipment and has provided a really great service. They have lots of availability and looking for new referrals. Patient needs to be able to get to Mt Vernon Hospital. You can access them by placing a referral in EPIC for Ambulatory wound care then choose "external referral" - under the provider section enter "Mt Vernon Hospital"

  • Use the "Ambulatory referral to lung cancer screening counseling" order.

  • Endo now has a dedicated thyroid biopsy clinic twice a month! If you have a patient with thyroid nodule(s), send Dr. Vafa Tabatabaie a direct Epic message.

  • The flu vaccine is available for patients ant it is the "Fluzone preservative free" order

Resources for Patients

  • Alterantive Monte Dental locations:

    • 4234 Bronx Blvd Bronx NY 10466 347.341.4330

    • 951 Prospect Ave Bronx NY 10459 718.860.8440 (takes emergency walk-ins)

    • 305 East 161st Street Bronx NY 10451 718.579.2535

    • 5500 Broadway Bronx NY 10463 347.577.4950