Montefiore Medicine House Staff

2019 - 2020 Chief Residents

Firm 1: Fahmi Jahufar

Firm 2: Ross Merkin

Firm 3: Krina Shah

Ambulatory: Hauchie Pang

PC/SIM: Will Vail

Resident Wellness

Wellness Resources

Are you depressed? Anxious? Worried about a friend or colleague? The residency program cares about your well-being. You have access to confidential mental health services:


You can contact the Employee Assistance Program at 800-225-2527 or 800-252-4555, or go to You have three free visits under this program and then have to check with Montefiore Insurance.

  • Dr. Loren Soeiro, a psychologist who specializes in providing psychotherapy to house staff and takes Monte insurance (646-581-4151)


  • Dr. Simon Rego, a psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry (718-920-5024)
  • Dr. Howard Forman, a psychiatrist from the Department of Psychiatry with extended hours (718-920-7735)
  • Dr. Thomas Belzler, a psychiatrist on the East Campus, for emergent needs. Initial consultation at 718-904-4415.

For more information about Resident Wellness in our program, visit:

Sick Call Protocol

For any sick call (except for clinic) please contact the universal sick call number:

(347) 719-2191

Please make sure you get a response from this number.

For FCC or CFCC, please contact Hauchie Pang:

(954) 292-0882

For CHCC clinic, contact William Vail:

(504) 462-2124

Electronic Occurrence Reporting

Click here to report occurrences/"near-misses" related to patient-care, visitors, staff, or elopements.

Click here to report an event now

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Chiefs!

Firm 1 - Dawn Zhao

Firm 2 - Kusha Rahgozar

Firm 3 - Seda Tolu

PC/SIM - Kathy Chu

Ambulatory - Emily Hoffman