The Montefiore Medical Center MICU on North 2 is a 14-bed ICU. It functions as a primary teaching unit admitting approximately 75 patients per month. The unit is staffed with one attending, one to two fellows, four Medicine PGY-2s and four Medicine PGY-1s.  For approximately 6 months a year, a fourth-year medical student is present as well. A critical care attending and fellow will be present in-house 24/7. During their MICU rotation, fellows will cover the unit M-F 6:30am-7pm. Fellows and attendings take signout from 6:30-7am. From 7am-8am fellows attend morning report rounds. MICU rounds with the attending, medical residents and interns, ICU nurses, respiratory therapists, dietician and pharmacist take place from approximately 8am-noon daily. Fellows and attendings sign out to incoming night coverage from 6:30-7pm. The Medical Director of the ICU is Ari Moskowitz, MD. The Medical Co-Director of the ICU is Amira Mohamed, MD.  The Nurse Manager of the ICU is Melba Garcia, RN.

Close relationships exist with the adjacent Echocardiography lab and Coronary Care Unit. The most frequent diagnoses at the time of admission to the Medical ICU are respiratory failure, septic shock, endocrine and metabolic emergencies, hemorrhagic shock, renal failure, hepatic failure, ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, status epilepticus, oncologic emergencies, and neuromuscular crises. In addition, the unit functions as a primary site for emergency plasmapheresis for patients with TTP.

Support your co-residents! 

Thanks to Elana Levy for this QI initiative regarding blood cultures in the MICU:

Copy of Blood culture algorithm for dissemination 3.2.24A.pdf

Thanks to Iris Aimlin and Alban Cela for this QI initiative:

Referring vented patients to LiveOnNY 

The 24h resident will be in charge of determining each day which patients can be referred to LiveOnNY for organ donation. Timely referrals are important for successful organ donation. For a referral to be considered timely, it must occur within one hour of the following: 

You can also refer when you believe your patient has a non survivable illness. Please do not wait for a patient to expire before calling LiveOnNY.

Thanks to Aron Soleiman for his participation in the PREOXI trial

RCT in the MICU comparing NIPPV vs facemask in preoxygenation prior to intubation. The role residents play in the study would be as observers recording a few datapoints on a card, such as the timing of meds, intubation, or other interventions as well as vitals peri-intubation. Prior to intubation, if a patient is included, the fellow and attending will open a folder in the study revealing which group the patient is enrolled into and will have a few documents, including the card we use to record data (see link below). You will receive more information when the patient is recruited and your responsibilities will be told you and will be minimal. Reach out to Aron Soleiman, Dr. Fein, or Dr. Moskowitz if any questions or concerns.

PEROXI study information

PEROXI collection card 

Goals and Objectives: 

The overarching goal of the Moses MICU rotation is to develop residents with full competence in caring for a variety of critically ill patients that are seen in the medical intensive care unit of a tertiary care teaching hospital.  The specific, competency-based goals and objectives are as follows:

 For Medical Interns (PGY-1)

For Medical Residents (PGY-2)

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Daily Curriculum

MICU Curriculum.docx

Useful Information

The MICU is located on the 2nd floor in the Foreman building and is accessible via ID card

Call room codes are located on the patient board behind the work station

Patient Transport Policy (effective 5/2021)

Daily Schedule Template

Placing Orders Guide

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Orientation Video

Please watch this brief introduction to the MICU prior to your arrival

Ventilator Overview

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For Issues...

Please do not hesitate to contact the Firm 1 chief, Daanish Chawala, as well as Drs. Moskowitz and Mohamed. Letting us know of issues in real time allow us to better address them and find solutions