BRIDGE trial

  • Should we "bridge" anticoagulation in patients with a-fib in whom it is interrupted for a procedure?


  • Is a hemoglobin target of 7-9 preferable to a goal of 10-12 in critical care patients?


  • In patients already treated with 6-12 months of AC, does continued apixaban benefit patients?

Housaki VTE Cancer Trial

  • Is edoxaban non-inferior to standard of care LMWH for treatment of VTE in cancer patients?


  • Should we screen patients with unexplained VTE for occult malignancies?


  • Does d-dimer level at the end of treatment for VTE predict recurrence?


  • Does hydroxyurea decrease the frequency of sickle crises in patients experiencing 3 or more per year?


  • Is tPA superior to heparin in treatment of submassive PE?

Anemia for the primary care physician

  • Review article on basics of anemia workup and management in the outpatient setting

How I treat TTP-HUS

  • Review article on the treatment of TTP-HUS - part of a larger series (How I treat) published in Blood which is helpful for a variety of heme diseases