IRB Tips & Instructions

IRB Requirements Before Submission


All human subjects projects require training in “Protection of Human Subjects”

You can readily be trained and certified by CITI

Focus on the course work for Biomedical Research (includes Epidemiological Research)


  • You need to be a registered user in the the COI system in order to access the system.

  • If you do not have a profile, please contact the COI office at to verify or create a profile.

  • You may access the COI System at:

  • Must review your COI every 6 months (if not, IRB changes/updated will be declined).

IRB Submission

  • We use the platform Iris to process and keep track of all research overseen by Montefiore's IRB.

  • The Office of Human Research Affairs reviews the IRB and on their website you can find instructions, tips, and the templates necessary based on the type of study you'll be submittin.

  • Here is a checklist of all the components most IRB protocols should include.

  • Reach out to Ana, one of your Research Chiefs, with any further IRB-specific questions!